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Fyrash is one of the Shadow Trio of elvish gods; these are deities who’s presence common society rejects. While their worship is not strictly banned, they are considered to be a blight amongst elvish people and to represent the dark side of the elvish interior life. Fyrash himself seems to be somewhat equivalent to the uncontrollable force of fire and plague which are the domain of Tallial; there are syncretic treaties which attempt to show that the two gods are one and the same.

Yet, Fyrash exhibits a completely different, selfish, nature. Where Tallial is a being of wanton destruction, Fyrash can be reasoned with. His worship grew in great numbers during the time of the Bleeding Plague for obvious reasons.

Fyrian temples are often simple affairs of dark wood or stone. They feature fire throughout, and no Fyrian altar can be considered sacred without the everburning brazier (or bowl of oil, or some other source of fire) that is lit there when the temple is consecrated.

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