Originally known as the “Three-booters,” this adventuring company has been active in and around the Free Cities for nearly two years though they are originally each from a city in the Avarine Colonies south of the Inner Sea. They’re known for their sense of humor and the somewhat slipshod (if complete) way they solve most of their contracts. Like the Bonevale Buglers, the Freebooters each play an instrument (though Yohn can rarely be convinced to drag out his gnomish horn and generally sticks to singing) and write their own ballads of their deeds. While some see this as opportunistic, most believe “it’s just adventurers being adventurers.”

The three members of the Freeboters are:

Yohn Yoren, a gnomish thief.

Scodorius the Sage (widely recognized for creating the spell ’Scod’s Retort’), a human wizard.

Ser Stevon of the Gate, a bard who was knighted in Llyris.

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