Free Cities

“Wealth and war go hand in hand,”

Saying of the Free Cities


The Free Cities are major trading stops in the northeast. They deal heavily with the Moon Kingdoms on the far side of the straight, and thus have access to strange and wonderful trade goods that most routes do not. For example, silks from Diaojiong trade up through the Goblin Kingdoms. While Ishtrian and Khewedi trade normally moves through the Trident Isles but almost all Hadashi goods come through the Free Cities.

They are located in the eastern portion of the North, hard against (and in some cases IN) a dry nearly rainless region known as the Plain of Sorrows. This vast and dangerous plain has been the field for some of the bloodiest battles in the North as the alliances between Free Cities shifts and they assault one another for dominance.

The Free Cities

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Free Cities

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