This oil was developed by dwarves during the Sixth Age and has been perfected over the centuries. Its creation and use, while not common knowledge, is fairly well known within the circles of dwarven smiths. The forge-oil causes fires to burn more brightly and more intensely, though it’s own qualities mean that it burns off rapidly and causes all fuels to do the same.

It is rumored that forgefire bears many of the same properties as the elvish Eldanor, but that is not so—water, while it will not extinguish it, will cause the fire to break up into small globules that spatter this way and that. Additionally, it must be lit by fire to burn and it burns much much hotter than Eldanor.

It is not primarily a weapon, but rather part of the secret process of smelting dwarven steel, which is so pure that it alone can be used to make plate armor.

-The Kyklosi Antikor

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