Size: 3,000 Government: Dockmaster and Shipwrights Council Militia: ~55 local docksmen

The town of Fordling is a major caravan center for shipping goods down river to Seabotl where they eventually leave by ship for either Seagard or Weyland. Because of this, Fordling has a large shipwright industry that mostly buys material from the Blackwood towns. Blackwood oak and pine are heavily used in Fordling. In addition to the sea-going industry, Fordling also has a number of hostelries for caravans (most of them Red Branch caravans, and thus Red Branch hostelries).

The Red Hearth is the largest and most important of these caravanserie where Red Branch caravans often stay the night. It is a large two-winged building with a front enclosure for stabling the horses (between the arms of the wings) and enough space to house not only all attendant guards and the like but several whole caravans at once.

The town sits on a crossing-point to the Bracwater River, a wide wooden bridge providing access to the rest of Downing and Mid- Vales.

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