Flora and Fauna

There are many strange creatures that live throughout the world, and stranger plants still. Sages and scholars have yet to categorize them all in a comprehensive work, but as they appear they shall be added here.

Bandit’s Breath – so called due to a popular folk ballad attesting that these flowers first grew on the grave of the Bandit King and his Queen, Jeren and Loria. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and purple. Another name for them is Jeren’s Sorrow.

Bloodgrass – a known solution for unwanted pregnancies, if taken soon after the conception (within the first 4 months), the pregnancy can be purged. Usually only available from alchemists or wizards.

Blue Smackerel – a fist native to the Valelands, the Blue Smackerel is often salted and dried in the dwarvish style and served with diced potatoes or Redfarne.

Caper Seeds – a southern delicacy, said to intoxicate when the scent is inhaled. Less potent when dried and burned, but they last longer. Found primarily on the islands around Mughar but sometimes imported North. Favored by Rayans.

Eleia’s Laughter – So known because in the First Age, when the green and growing things were being added to upon the face of Arune it is said that Eleia laughed, and her laugh echoed across the world and became lodged in these little pitcher-flowers. Yellow in color, it is whispered that if one holds the pitcher to the ear they can hear the laughter of Eleia; likewise, it is an old superstition that coming into contact with or listening to these flowers will cause madness.

Meadowsweet – a small white flower found occasionally in medes and meres. It is said to be marvelous at relieving pain when ground and added to food.

Redcross – a small red flower with four to six petals that is no larger than a man’s thumbnail. These grow prominently in the Lonely Lands and other areas at that latitude. They can be found throughout the Thyrnessan lands, though it should be noted that Redtower is named for their presence.

Redfarne – a red root or tuber that grows in the same climate as potatoes, the redfarne is mostly eaten in Weyland as most other regions consider the plant to be a weed. Redfarne can be ground into a paste which is the prime ingredient for Redfarne Pie.

Umberberry – Known mostly in the southern vales, Weyland, and Arinnfal regions, umberberries are a large thumb-sized red fruit that grows upon the small umber bush. They are sour to the taste and not particularly nourishing, though an essential component to Redfarne Pie.


Flora and Fauna

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