Fideles of Alere

Whitewell Magnas Huro Whitewell A field argent with a bordure ermine

The Whitewells are amongst the fideles of the Alere. They govern Steerbend, Haeron’s Grace, Baton, Verge du Nord, Whitwell itself, Baronshead, and Woodfield. The Magnasren of Whitewell contains a large number of halflings and lies on the southern border of the Lamp Country. This has not stopped the Whitewells from being an important part of the Dirkshire bann, as they have been known to raise large levies as well as pony-riding halfling and gnomish knights (who are given territory throughout Whitewell).

Vigel Magnasse ChretiƩn Vigel A close-faced helm chief verde and a field azure with three braced chevrons tawny

The Magnasse ChretiĆ©n has authority over Hillston, Middlefield, Roadhall, Eleia’s Blessing, and Whitehall. The nearby forest of the Whitwood presents a constant problem for the Lamp Country and northern Dirkshire, as it and the other thickets and deep forest glens often provide shelter to orcish raiding parties, bandits, and other unwholesome creatures.

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Fideles of Alere

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