Latifundia Population: 800

Fernomos is one of the few fundaz south of the Agricon. It is built in the same manner, typifying the fundak landscape. The highest point of the fundaz is the villa, which is built of Whip granite and limestone from Dorl. It is a huge rambling structure that houses the shipping family of the Undreg Masters, who play a very minor part in Essadi politics. The estate itself is built on a steep bluff of stone (mostly a granite mound). However, the bluff has been undermined with tunnels for the slave’s quarters.

While the estate center is surrounded by farms, the real wealth of Fernomos comes from the stone shipments further north. Thus, the estate center has been shunted aside as the town has grown up away from it. While the estate may only house 500-800 slaves and overseers (and the Undreg Masters themselves), the nearby town of Fernomos has at least 2,000 souls at any given time to service the stone caravans that roll out of Lapirus, Horaz, and Gulvor.

Fernomos-town is situated around a central waystation for caravans. It is known as the Obedient Slave and hosts a small arena, rooms for travelers, fresh horses, and stabling for a great many slaves who must be moved to the interior of Essad by road from the coast. Due to its proximity with Dorlan, the entire town is walled. The estate is not, relying instead on the bluff and the manor walls for defense.

There are several temples in the town; these are dedicated to Fortuna, Claustrum, Vodei, and Glyrea. There is rumor of a Sernian temple within the walls, but (of course) it is not in plain view.

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