Farway Castle

Castle Garrison: 500 Castellan: Lord Arren Farway Heraldry: A black tower and wall on a white field

Farway Castle is the northernmost keep in the swampy region of Lomere. It has only a small town, folded behind its walls and has traditionally served as a bulwark against orcish attacks coming down from the Whitespears and any sorts of creatures that might crawl out of the generally lawless Argeddean Swamp.

The castle is located on a high promontory overlooking the lowlands. The approach to the gate is guarded by towers on either side and long snaking walls that serve as aqueducts leading down into some of the lowland towns of Lomere (they thin out and follow the road further north). Farway town is within the curtain wall, and it is a dismal little place with little to recommend it. The only thing of note within the town is the Shrine of Tulamendë, an Talliferian spot of worship for the elvish lover-poet who died at Farway defending the honor of his beloved in X.244 when it was still part of the Kingdom of Westreth.

The gates to the curtain wall close at sundown; those who wish to stay the night at the barracks must pay three silver turre per head and eight silver turre per horse for stabling fees. This buys a place in one of the barracks buildings beyond the wall. The beds are not comfortable, being mere straw pallets, and travelers must share the company of soldiers, but it is better than sleeping undefended near the border of the swamp.

The castle proper has a temple dedicated to Haeron, and a chapel of Halor.

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Farway Castle

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