Town Population: ~1,500 Government: Baroness Milea Estermont Defenses: Estermont house knights

Ester is a farming village that shelters in the lee of a great windswept hill. It is surrounded by a wide stone wall that more than encompasses the little town, a relic from when the settlement was larger. Only the town center is truly inhabited, leaving the barely-protruding stonework of old buildings surrounding it. There is a steady population of rock gnomish tinkers who live in Ester in tents set up over the ruinous sections. These rock-gnomes generally patrol the Lonely Lands looking for work doing such things are pot-repair and simple tin-work.

There are no inns here, and the manor-house of the Baroness Milea Estermont can be found right on the town square facing an open green where some of the locals graze sheep and cattle. It has no outwall of its own, but rather is open to the rest of the town.

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