Intermediate Goddess Alignment: CE Portfolio: War, warriors, battle Dogma: There is no joy or honor but death and blood Epithets: Crowfeeder, Tombbuilder, Sonslayer

Eri∂ is one of Helden Stonemother’s children. She is a wayward warrior; while Helden overseas the aspects of needful war, Eri∂ Crowfeeder revels in the violence of killing. She is often depicted as bathing in the blood and viscera of her enemies on the battlefield. Iron Dwarves are very wary of Eri∂, and her cult does not flourish in the Arinnfal. However, Green Dwarf warriors embrace her (even if they are not as bloodthirsty as she herself is).

The cult of Eri∂ is not as evil as she, though they often seek conflict to revel in. She is classically kept in check by Helden, though when great wars engulf the dwarves they often say “Eri∂ rides.”

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