Town Population: 500 Government: Reeve Donnal L’engre

Engre is a small town nestled in the pit of the foothills of the Whitespears. It has no market of its own, but a small manor-house used by the Reeve Donnal L’engrel serves as the center of town. The folk of Engre owe a large tithe to Stonely, but the Stonelies have always protected Engre, going so far as to build a low stone wall with quarrystone to protect it.

Engre is located in a narrow wooded dale and protected from the plains by a twist in the hills that turns the vale into a sort of crescent-shape. The manor is of an ancient Milean style, massive pilasters lining its walls.

Travelers who have the baron’s permission can find fresh horses at the local Engren stables, kept by the Reeve for Aven Stonely. Those who have the good graces of the Baron may also stay in the manor house.

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