…so was evil cleansed by Nature’s hand.

Oral History of the North, Eminea
Intermediate Goddess Alignment: CN Portfolio: Nature, Wilderness, the Wild, the Moon Dogma: The wilds are not tamable, nor should they be tamed; Nature rights all wrongs Epithets: the Mother, Plant-Mother

Eminea is a goddess outside Haeron’s grace. While she is not censured by the Hammerer, she is also not one of his followers. She represents the natural order of the world, before even the Golden Bands of Law where made. It is possible that she is related to the elvish goddess Seniä.

The priesthood of Eminea is scattered and wild, mostly relying on druidic worship of her amongst men. Indeed, those who worship Seniä claim that she and Eminea are in fact one and the same.

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