Elvish Heraldry

Elvish heraldic blazons are situated within elongated shapes due to the shape of the average elvish shield. Since most Wind Elven shields are designed to look like feathers, leaves, or other strange and natural objects. This has led to the development of the oval (or lozenge) blazon. Male elves bear long oval shapes while female elves blazon inside emerald or geometricized lozenge-shapes.

Elvish heraldry does not follow the same rules as mannish heraldry. Bright dyes are used, as are complex almost painting-like charges. Metal tones are avoided as much as possible while bright blues and greens are preferred.

The Houses of the Greatwood

The great elvish noble houses from the Greatwood period were the most powerful and influential houses of their day. As such, any house that rises to greatness is now referred to as a “Greatwood House.” Following is a list of all the heraldic signs of those elvish houses that either currently or at one time achieved that greatness.

The House of Imdrenan

The descendants of Imdre the First, the first elvish hierophant in the Dawn Age, belong to this house. Such great legends as Tersas the Farsighted and Feanwe Trollslayer were members of this ancient heritage—as was Imdre the Betrayer, he who led the Refuser Elves out of Greatwood.

The arms of House Imdrenan are as follows: The Lamp of the Sun Chief, radiating beams of light; A wind-harp Fess point made of wood; The Dish of the Moon base; Dexter and sinister walls crawling ivy all upon a field of blazing azure.

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Elvish Heraldry

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