“I see the little flame lighting greater flames, and I see the blessings of Elernus flowing to every forge in the land. Let his breath be their fire, and let their fire kindle the blaze of war.”

The First Scroll of Oracles

Lesser God Alignment: NG Portfolio: Fires, forges, heat, hearths Epithets: The little flame

Elernus is one of the small gods too insignificant to have a priesthood of his own who is still worshiped by most common folk. Craftsmen are frequent supplicants, and some homes may have a small Elernian altar by their hearth. Elernian idols are sometimes maintained in Hierean temples, and he is often seen as a servant of the greater Hammerer.

Flint and tinder are often sold with the blessings of Elernus, and many hearths are installed with a small depiction of the god on their mantle. There are several common Elernian prayers that are used when starting fires in the wilderness, and for this reason he has also developed some aspects of a god of the wild.

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