An elvish magic perfected by the Watchers of the Sun Tower in Tyrma, this alchemical art dates back to Oronian experimentation in the time of Sylvasil. Eldanor is a powerful compound said to burst into flame with a sucking sound upon exposure to air. It requires light to begin the burning, and when contained in a flask of glass it is possible to see the stuff roiling and bubbling within, waiting for enough air to begin the blaze.

In Varan it is known as sunfire, and it is very little used by the Silversong elves save against seaborne foes where it may be flung or pumped from devices onboard one ship to conflagrate another. Water does not extinguish it, so it may float upon the waves and form a semi-impassable barrier of fire.

The secret of Eldanor’s creation is one carefully guardian by the Watchers. It has never spread to the greater Noronian clergy who reject its use as inhumane and evil. Still, the kings of Silversong have relied on its might for centuries now.

—The Kyklosi Antikor

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