Dwarven Clans

Iron Clans

Clans of Claulan


  • Arnróc, The Arnsson Clan, disbanded
  • Miklín, the Greatmine Clan, disbanded

Clans of the Empire

Lonely Lands Clans

Goldhook Clans

  • Gølhar, the Goldhair Clan, miners and minters of gold with a clanhall near Anarjanor.

Wilderlund Clans

Alfinn, founded by Rigg Alfinnson and now located in the Auregniac region.

Firnal, founded by Rigg’s sons, the bloody inheritors of his legacy, after they were driven out of Riggsveir.

Hilmirhol, the Princely City

Highborn Clans

  • Argher, Princeslayer Clan, a former royal clan
  • Au∂igr, Goldwealth Clan, a clan of lawknowers and aetroc
  • Cornung, Stonecrown Clan, the current ruling clan
  • Harnmr, Deepgrief Clan, the Mountain Smiths
  • Steinmodr, Stoneson Clan, the clan of Baldr

Other Clans

  • Aurvangr, Mudfield Clan, farmers and outworkers
  • Hei∂mein, Brightmine Clan, miners and architects
  • Snallrsmi∂, Wordsmith Clan, poets and priests (special clan)

The Vales

Green Clans

Clans of Claulan

Clans of Essad

Clans of the Haugrund

  • The Balhar, the Firebeard Clan

Deep Clans

The City of Bâlmyral

Highborn Clans

Other Clans

  • Munfrôm, the Farmfolk Clan, farmers of the mundrom mushrooms
  • Skrifvg, Scribeson Clan, scribes and historians clan
  • Stanhof, Stonehead Clan, miners and diggers
  • Svarsi∂, Darkforge clan, the poor region of the city
  • Timbveg, the Builderway clan, masons and carpenters
  • Vatnhol, Watercourse clan, the architects

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Dwarven Clans

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