Dwarf Giant War

Dwarves have been in conflicts with many races over their long history, including all three of the Eldest—Giants, Wyrms, and Trolls. The Dwarf-Giant wars took place in the Second Age during the reign of King Baldr and was an extension of internecine wars between the Giants themselves.

The elf scholar Andorën identified the two gigantine factions in the Dwarf-Giant war as Cloud Giants and Fire Giants, though he admitted it is also possible that Frost Giants were fighting on the side of the aggressors.

The war has its roots in the ancient Gigomachy, a war fought during the time of the Second Kingdom of Pernag (which was the ancient Gigantine kingdom located in the north and central-north planes like those of modern day Umbrinol). The Fire Giant emissary called Harmr the Cleaver came to the dwarf-king Baldr to ask for the secret of steel. The dwarves, ever unwilling to part with any knowledge or learning, instead offered to make weapons for Harmr’s faction (the rebels who eventually brought down the Second Kingdom).

It is recorded in dwarvish histories that the Giant-Prince Surtr Bael’al the One-eye said that “with weapons such as these we could conquer all who stood before us; Giant, Dragon, or Troll!”

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Dwarf Giant War

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