The Mountain of Dunwal

The mountain of Dunwàl is one of the largest gnomish settlements in the North. The mountain is covered in pine forest; studious rock gnomes live in a vast underground warren not unlike dwarvish cities. Playful forest gnomes live upon the slopes in small communities that cluster, generally, around entrances to the underground complex. Even gnomes of the Smalwood are often impressed by the vast architecture of Dunwàl.

A good number of dwarven engineers and architects also live in the so-called “tower” at Dunwàl. Working together with their gnomish cousins, the dwarves of Arinnfal have designed and continue to repair the ingenious architecture of the gnomish tower. In addition to gnomes and dwarves, the woodlands around the tower are also home to several halfling settlements, which are more numerous than those in Arinnfal.

Arinnfal is ruled by a council of gnomish elders from each of the major settlements who are chosen by the inhabitants of that settlement and general acclaim. The council also consists of a deputation from Arinnfal as most of the food eaten in Dunwàl comes from the Arinnfal ranges.

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