Duchy of Hillstone

The Duchy of Hillstone is the domain of Duke Albartus Hillbridge. It is ruled from the great Arx Hillbridge (Pontusmonte) and encompasses a region from Greenwater and Petrsend to Northstair, Oldport, and Agricolum. Much of Hillstone is located in the Great Swamp, a horrible mire known for spawning black dangers from its depths.

Unlike the other Arx, the Arx at Hillbridge maintains control almost like a real Duchy should. Only the farthest flung of barons consider themselves independent of the Arx and the Duke, making for a much more cohesive territory. This is one of the reasons that the Prince of Thalus has yet to consume Hillbridge, which lies just opposite the Grimwood from his city.

Towns of Hillstone

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Duchy of Hillstone

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