“Originally the Wood Elves were a breed of Refuser; they denied friendship with the First Men and did not build cities like the Wind Elves. However, they have become much more than that over the past centuries. Their ranks have always been bolstered by the ageless Wind Elves who could no longer find peace in the cities and towns of their kingdoms. Their culture has become increasingly complex, relying on an ever complicating oral tradition. They have become a migratory people, and they whisper their stories to the ancient hearts of trees and stones; many believe that they can actually hear the voices of the wild speaking to them. Tattooed and be-pantsed, Wood Elves truly are nothing like our people.”

A Consideration of Wood Elves, Layanë Emorën, X107

Also called Wood Elves by the other races, Dosä are the remnants of elven societies that were devastated by the plague and went to join their lesser cousin. They live in the woods and wilderness. After having rejected the civil society of failing elven kingdoms, they began to shift their focus of worship towards the purely natural.

Previous wood-elven societies accepted these new migrants and thus the combinatorial societies became integrated and known by a new name.

Wood-elves maintain a complex oral and (sometimes) written tradition regarding their history. While the Anuneiä worshiped their creator, Anunë, the Dosä turned to worship of the Goddess they were made for – Seniä. They dwell in forests and glens and refuse the decadence of city-building and state-making. Their societies are simple and usually center around a head-man or head-woman in charge. It is said that many of them know how to speak with the trees and the rocks, though the truth of the matter is that only the eldest and wisest can now do so.

Dosä do not make anything cunning with their hands, for they will not strip the bare earth of her minerals. They take only what can be found lying on the surface. However, they do know some ancient secrets that it is said Seniä or one of her servants taught them, and this allows them to fashion magical objects from simple found material such as leaves. A Dosä Cloak of Leaves is something to behold, as is a Silksteel shirt, woven from spider-silk and enchantment.

Dosä Template

Instead of being able to spot hidden doors, Dosä may gain the elven bonus to conducting sneak attacks even when they are in a party that is not composed purely of elves.

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