Food is a big deal to most people in Arunë. As such, this list of foods and where it is available is being kept so folks can remember what it is they like.

The Vales

Hammer Gully Black – a dark lager brewed with blackberries.

Iiriem Pitchwine – a dark red wine with a sweet flavor and a lot of alcohol.

Red Seal – from the larders at Redhorne itself, this is the most expensive ale in the Vales. Rarely does it leave the borders of the Vales, for the Order of the Sword Militant is quite careful and fastidious with it. Red Seal is considered by many to be the finest vintage ever brewed, done so as it is by a proprietary Sword holding of Heimirian monks high in the Fork Mountains.

Beer-battered Eels – a rich delicacy enjoyed by the few wealthy or noble of the vales, this dish is common throughout Anurë.

Downing Cheese – famed for its many holes and its rich, almost meaty, flavor.

Rajarikko – a general term for the elf-wine that many humans know as Boggle, it must be aged for at least 250 years before being served. One of the most expensive wines available.


Saltwine – a wine grown by some small vineyard holdings on the Reaving Isles.

Hearthland Red – available in Seagard and the lands south, Hearthland Red is brewed by the Brothers Gold in a vineyard in the Thyrnessan Hearthland.

Brothers Gold Lager – also brewed by the Brothers Gold, this beer is well known in the North and carried by almost every major trading coster.

The Third Empire

Lonely Lands and Lamp Country

Fig Stew – This stew is popular in the regions of the Lonely Lands bordering Clayland; it is a thin brothed stew of any meat cooked with figs for around fifteen hours. Other additions include but are not limited to onion, potato, highland leeks, plums, and olive.





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