Deep Places

Picture the world like a good Vale cheese. Hopefully from Downing Vale, because I must admit that they produce the finest of cheeses. First, you have your rind. That’s where we live, on the surface. We can see the light of the sun and moon and stars, and all that. Then, look at the middle. Downing Cheese, as you may well know, is rife with holes like a sponge. That is the Underland where all sorts of unpleasant things live. There is no sun, no moon, no stars. Little wonder that the Trolls and their horrible goddess Mother Night love the Underlands, nor that black things from before the world’s beginning grow there.

Hamish Letterfriend, on the Underlands of Evernight

I don’t understand why every analogy you make must include some kind of food.

Orvius Wildspell, on Hamish


The Deep. The Underland. Evernight. These words all describe the strange and terrible lands beneath the surface of Arunë. Most uplanders (as they are called) do their level best to put the very existence of the Underland out of their minds. It is a horribly kept secret, one which surface folk wish they did not know. Indeed, the Underland is a source of many troubles. Orcish warrens are delved deep into the earth, and while their numbers may be controlled on the surface by the extermination of their villages, there are always more below. Kobolds too keep vast tunnel-systems underground, and so do the dark terrible things from before the world was light; Mind-flayers, Night Trolls, and worse.

The Underland is a nightmare, a place of fear and horror where Night still rules in black dominion. Welcome to Evernight.

-Audren Oznei, Scholar of the Underland

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History of Settlement in the Deep

The first Underland settlements are thought to have been during the Dwarf Giant War or just before. Legend has it that several contingents of dwarves and gnomes fled the surface during the fighting to escape the wrath of the gigantine armies and came to the deep caverns far below the surface.

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Deep Places

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