Dauklen Fortress

Ruined Orc Fortress

Built during the Tribal Wars of X340-45 in which Avaria was beset by a powerful federation of united Orc tribes under an Aurkenoz or over-chief, Dauklen Fortress (Dauklosh in orcish Elazik) is a stone structure with three towers and a single bailey. It served as the command center and supply station for the Aurkenoz Hunorza who was called by the Avarians Hunorza the Scourge.

It has stood abandoned for nearly two hundred years, slowly collapsing on itself. No orcs dare inhabit it, as doing so would be tantamount to claiming the Aurkenozun for themselves and placing them above the other tribes of the Whitespears.

Whatever treasures were stored in Dauklosh were long ago plundered.

In the winter of the year X501 the Speartooth tribe attempted to restore some of Dauklen using stolen dwarf-treasures looted from a Tu∂orinn treasury. However, the orcish hold on the fort was destroyed by the Lamplighter’s Company that same winter.

It is rumored that Dauklen is connected to the ancient tunnels of the Evernight below the world; this is hinted at in a passage describing the destruction of Dauklen in which “many orcs fled through the rear gate.” The fortress does not, in any event, appear to have a rear gate.

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Dauklen Fortress

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