Dale dau

Colloquially known as the Princedoms, Daleädau is a region of the Untamed Lands directly north of the demesne of Tailimisiä. The Princedoms are beholden to the crown of the Greatwood; they do not pay tax or tithe to the forest, but they are obliged to raise troops under the ancient laws, and to provide for the the hierophant’s armies when they pass through the Daleädau.

The Princedoms are independently administered from one another, each comprising its own small state. Each are ruled by an elvish lord who styles themselves a Tywys, Ar-lân (high priest), or a Suurvelho (grand wizard). These lords may do battle with one another, but most are fiercely loyal to Tailimisiä.

Princedoms of Daleädau

Alaneä, ruled by

Jarvi, ruled by Twywynne Endáremellion Mindalethe

Kolem, ruled by

Laivanor, ruled by

Luolia, ruled by

Mindelon, ruled by

Nostoros, ruled by Suurvelho Malabereon

Pilarimetsa, ruled by

Sinnen, ruled by

Talasvetsa, ruled by

Vahvelë, ruled by Tywys Avandorial (capitol at Vahvailä)

Valtorimor, ruled by

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