Crestley County

County Ruler: Count Sereus Crestley

Crestley county

The southernmost of the so-called Rhûnnish regions of the empire, Crestley has long been a bone of contention between the powers of the heartland. Early in its history (around the time that Miles was first being settled) it served as an outpost of the ancient Mercantine Tyranny and in the time before men it was said to have been exchanged several times between the giant empire of Rhûn, the Aralen trolls, and the northernmost arm of the draconic Empire of Syndis. Scholars still hotly debate the origin of the strange ruins in the calciferous heart of the isle.

In more modern ages, Crestley has served as a midway point (particularly the town of Calthisport) between the eastern portions of the Inner Sea and the densley populated port-city of Noranos. This has made it, in many ways, a liminal place that lies somewhere between the settled culture of the imperial heartland, the more wild (and ancient) realms of the Coast of Scythes, and the strange exotic places beyond the Trade Sea such as Ninfa, Khewed, and Ishtria.

The isle of Cresltey is itself mostly composed of limestone, chalk, and green clay. Akish cypress grows all over the island, with juniper, aurish alder, and field maples confined to the higher climes in its heart and dwarf whitebeam, hoary elm and Crestley Hazel can be found along its perimeter. Olive trees grow all over Crestley, and it is known for its olive oil and olive wines.

Ancient structures of various (and sometimes disputed) origin still stand as windswept ruins along the isle. They have been used in the past to shelter from reaving expeditions and indeed, Crestley Island has been a frequent target of elvish raiding parties as well as all manner of human, demi-human, and monstrous pirates from the Straits of Aralen and the Inner Sea. Kobolds have established themselves in the islands network of caves and shrines of Vodei litter the lonely parts of the shore where it is said that seaborne folk sometimes come to worship.




Calthisport, port


Crestmont, county seat


Fort Calcide



Seversea, port


Valnius Keep

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Crestley County

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