Company of the Shield

An adventuring company that was founded in X469 by Cyon Stovaulx (now known as Cyon Greenmantle) that spent much time fighting amongst the Lonely Lands, Byrnish Wastes, Haugrund and the Goblin Lands. The members of the Company are mostly dead or retired; these are:

Ajax Dragonire, an Aellonean warrior who also served as the party head. Ajax was slain in the Bleak Strand during the Goblin Invasion of 497 of Frelonde where he fought alongside Orvius “Wildspell” Kavalson for a time.

Hammond the Nimble, a Claylander troubadour and bard. Hammond still lives in the city of Tourons, plying his trade.

Cyon Greenmantle, a South Vales Milean wizard who became quite powerful and outlasted his party as an adventurer and later a protector of the Lamp Country.

Eirik Hathlafsson Undri Gølhar, a dwarf with fair hair from the Goldhook region and a potent warrior. He still lives as well, though he travels rarely from his clanhall in the hills outside Anarjenor.

Symaon Orknei, a gnomish thief and trap specialist. Was slain in Umbrinol exploring Gigantine ruins.

Company of the Shield

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