Company of Miles

Trading Coaster Headquarters: Miles Leadership: The Council of Miles Symbol: A red pillar flanked by three golden coins on either side on a black field.

The Company of Miles, also known as Six Seats, controls almost all trade that goes into or out of the city of Miles by one way or another. They compete, of course, with the Riverlin Trading Coaster and the Shoreline Trading Company; Riverlin brings goods in on the river, Shoreline transports goods from Miles to Seawatch. The Company donates a good deal of money to the Knights of Miles, thus ensuring it has a good relationship with both the knights and the emperor.

Six Seats is governed by six powerful merchants who dwell in Miles. Six Seats also has holdings in other sections of the empire, and competes with many guilds to bring goods to Miles as opposed to other sections of the empire.

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Company of Miles

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