Cleric Kits

Akemite (Northern Rite)

Spheres Available; Major: Combat, Guardian, Necromantic (reversed and normal), Healing Minor: Sun, Weather, Protection

Weapon Availability: Staff, mace, flail, sickle, scythe

Granted Powers;

Destroy Undead

Earthkeeper of Eiri

Spheres Available; Major: Combat, Elemental(earth, fire), Creation; Minor: Divination, Protection, Healing

Weapon Availability: Pick, axe, short sword

Granted Powers;

Level 1 – Strength of the Earth – Once per day, grants the cleric or a target a +2 bonus to STR for 1d4 rounds. This cannot increase the target’s strength beyond 18/00.

Level 5 – Delve Deep – Once a week, as per a dig spell.

Stoneward of Helden

Spheres available; Major: Combat, War, Elemental (earth), Healing, Necromantic; Minor: Protection, Wards

Weapon Availability: Warhammer, Axe, Morning Star, pole-axe, long sword, shortbow, crossbow

Granted Powers:

Level 1 – Embrace of StoneCure light wounds heals 1d4+4 instead of 1d8.

Level 3 – Folkward – Acts as an aid spell, usable once per day.

Level 5 – Hearthfire – At this level, the cleric gains access to turn undead as though he were a cleric of two levels lower. At level 7, the cleric turns undead as though he was at his own level.

Sacred Architect of Grafar

Spheres Available; Major: Healing, Elemental (earth), Divination; Minor: Protection, Elemental (fire), Guardian

Weapon Availability: Pick, pole-axe, quarterstaff, mace, club, sling

Granted Powers: (Sacred Architects get the Engineering proficiency for free)

Level 1 – Stonesense – Granted by Grafar, this power is a passive one that functions all the time. On a 3-in-6 chance a Sacred Architect can detect faulty construction or weak stone. On a 4-in-6 chance they will feel the approach of an earthquake, collapse, or tremor as a horrible painful sensation (this triggers 1d4+1 hour/level before the collapse)

Level 5 – Speak with the Stone – This power enables, once per week, a Sacred Architect to commune with the very stuff of the earth. Dirt, moss, and loam have quite short memories; It is said that Stone never forgets. Either way, they are strange and difficult to speak with, having constructions totally alien to that of life. The spell lasts for 1 round/level, and each round the cleric may ask a single question of the earth.

Shadow-cleric of Geilden

Spheres Available; Major: Protection, Guardian; Minor: Divination, Necromantic, Plant, Weather

Weapon Availability: Crossbow, dagger, shortbow, short sword, dirk, dart

Granted Powers: (Shadow-clerics receive the Blind Fighting proficiency for free)

Level 1 – Sleight of Hand – The Shadow Cleric has the power to perform minor sleight of hand tricks as though through magic; This effectively grants a 30% pick pockets rating. If the Cleric is a multiclassed thief, he instead adds +15% to his pick pockets rating.

Level 3 – Cloak of Shade – Once per night the cleric can wrap themselves in shadows, granting them a -4 AC bonus for 1 round/level. This ability is a spell, and can only be used at night or in very dark places. Additionally, if the cleric is a multiclassed thief, this ability grants a +15% bonus to hide in shadows while it lasts.

Level 5 – Take What is Mine – The cleric gains major access to the healing (reversed) sphere.

War Maiden

Spheres Available; Major: Combat, Healing (reversed), Necromantic. Minor: Healing, Weather.

Weapon Availability: All.

Granted Powers:

Level 1 – Chooser of the Slain – acts as a curse spell, usable once per day.

Level 3 – Battlelust – this ability can only be used when the cleric has half or less HP. It may be activated once per day; the cleric gains 2 points of strength and reduces their THAC0 by 2 points. This ability lasts for 10 rounds or until the end of battle. When the Battlelust wears off, the cleric instantly loses 4 points of CON and must rest. The CON returns at the rate of 1 per two hours.

Peaceward of Haeron

These clerics focus on legalistic procedures and supporting the structure of any state under which they operate. In lands where evil flourishes unabashed they may form secret shadow-societies in order to try to return goodness to the land. Peacewards also minister pastorally, in places where the law sometimes has trouble reaching.

Spheres Available; Major: Combat, Elemental (fire, air), Healing, Necromantic, Law; Minor: Protection, Wards, War, Weather, Guardian

Weapon Availability: Warhammer, Flail, Morning Star, Lucerne Hammer

Granted Powers; (Peacewards receive the Law proficiency for free)

Level 1 – Smith’s Blessing – When casting Bless, all affected by it also receive +1 to their damage rolls.

Level 3 – Haeron’s Sight – This ability may be used once per month, and grants the Peaceward the power to discern whether or not people whom he speaks to are lying (or believe they are lying). It lasts for 10 minutes, and is usually used at the height of a trial in order to make certain justice is not miscarried.

Sunsworn of Avauna

Spheres Available; Major: Healing, Sun, Protection, Charm, Necromantic, Summoning; Minor: Guardian, Wards

Weapon Availability: All bludgeoning

Granted Powers: Turn Undead, Healing proficiency for free

Seer of Galos

The Starseers are the devoted and mysterious clergy of the blind God of Magic, Galos. They dress in greens of all shades and each Starseer is bound to wear an ivory mask whenever he is visible in the public sphere. These masks are etched with etchings particular to the Emerald Temple and which denote the ranking of the cleric within his order.

A strange and somewhat disconcerting lot, the Starseers are not well liked amongst the elves (for they have long memories of the earlier Ages when Galos was a great bane of the people of Arunye) and are considered to be strange by most respectable people. Wizards sometimes interact with them, as they are the patrons of all magic.

In addition, the Galien priesthood of the Emerald Temple has repositories of magical knowledge throughout Arunye. These locales are highly trafficked by those interested in the magical arts.

Spheres Available; Major: Astral, Divination, Protection, Necromantic; Minor: Summoning, Wards, Healing

Weapon Availability: Club, staff, sickle, mace

Granted Powers;

Level 1: See the Source – as per Detect Magic, once per day.

Level 3: Spell Manipulation – change any prayed for spell to one from Astral or Divination sphere.

Level 5: Know Magic – as per Identify, once per day.

Level 7: Dispel Mastery – when using a Dispel magic spell, add 5 additional points to your check to see if you can dispel enemy magic.

Freesinger of Raya

The clerics of Raya are known as Freesingers, and they try to bring joy, light, and love to Arunë. The Freesingers are a powerful force throughout the North, voicing dissent against those they feel are unworthy or oppressive and acting as mighty patrons of the arts throughout the free lands of the North.

Spheres Available; Major: Charm, Creation, Guardian, Healing; Minor: Protection, Sun

Weapon Availability: Short bow, quarterstaff

Granted Powers: Freesingers gain no granted powers; however, every second level they gain 15% to spend on thief abilities as though they where thieves — they cannot gain access to find/remove traps, however. All of their abilities start at a base of 5%, at level 2 (when they also receive their first 15% to increase their thieving skills).

Herald of Ill-luck (Tailii)

Heralds of Ill-luck are rare, common truly only to adventuring parties. Sometimes they go about their dark work in large cities, visiting danger upon the fortunate. Heralds of Ill-luck delight in tearing down the things others have built.

Spheres Available; Major: Divination, Healing (reversed), Creation; Minor: Protection, Animal, Charm

Weapon Availability: Flail, quarterstaff

Granted Powers;

Level 1 – Ill Luck – cast as curse spell on an opponent.

Level 3 – Favored of Fate -

Iceheart of Dinismayl

The Icehearts are the clergy of Dinismayl, the Winter Queen, the Bitch Queen. They spread the dark word of their master, usually without angering the local populace. Those grasping people who seek evil things without flaunting their evilness in the face of others can often be found in temples of the Bitch Queen. She is particularly popular amongst certain groups of Giants, and in the wilderness strange temples can be found built of unhewn rock and littered with bones–the devotion of Giants.

Spheres Available; Major: Elemental (Water), Divination, Combat, Elemental (Air), Healing (reversed); Minor: Weather, Travelers

Weapon Availability: Whip, Scourge

Granted Powers;

Level 1: Element of the MistressEndure Cold or Endure Heat once per day.

Level 3: Icy Touch – add +1d4 damage to any reverse healing spell cast.

Level 5: Tomb of Winter – Gain access to a modified version of Hold Person which also deals 1d4 points of damage to the held targets as they are encased in a thin film of biting ice.

Poison-Tongue of Tharos

The Poison-Tongues are the despicable leaders of the cult of Tharos that has spread throughout many places in the North. They are occulted, normally either pretending to be something or someone else (or possibly hiding out in the wilderness); this is because Tharian worshipers are hunted down, and none more so than Poison-Tongues who truly are poisonous.

Spheres Available; Major: Healing (reversed), Summoning, Necromantic. Minor: Combat, Divination, Protection (reversed), Charm.

Weapon Availability: Club, dagger, scourge, dirk, bow

Granted Powers;

Inspired Fear, Command Undead.

Wavefist of Vodei

Spheres Available; Major: Elemental (Water), Divination, Combat, Elemental (Air), Weather, Travelers

Weapon Availability: Dart, Javelin, Spear, Harpoon, Trident

Granted Powers;

Level 1 – Vodei’s Blessing – Cast Water Breathing once a week.

Level 3 – Vodei’s Step – Cast Water Walk once a day.

Level 5 – Vodei’s Curse – Cast Cause Disease once a week; the victim’s lungs fill with water.

Broken One of Hasht

Spheres Available; Major: Combat, Healing (reversed), Protection (reversed). Minor: Animal, Charm, Guardian.

Weapons: Whip, Scourge, War Hammer, club, staff.

Granted Powers:

Level 1 – Suffering Is Your Teacher – This spell grants one target 2d4 temporary hitpoints and lasts like an Aid spell. Unlike Aid, however, all damage is FIRST taken from the target’s PERMANENT hitpoints. Thus, when the spell wears off the target may collapse or even die.

Level 3 – Festering Wounds – At level 3, the priest can no longer die through deleterious effects caused by disease, nor can they lose HP. All constitution or stamina damage is further redirected to INT or WIS at the cleric’s choice.

Level 5 – Share My Suffering – The priest can, once per day with a successful touch attack, cause one target to immediately take the exact same amount of damage (HP and Ability Score damage, including CON or STR damage that the cleric negated).

Stoutheart of Leesha

Spheres Available: Major; Animal, Healing, Plant, Sun, Necromantic; Minor; Charm, Combat, Elemental, Weather

Weapons: Club, Quarterstaff, Sling, Sickle

Granted Powers:

Level 1 – Soothing Word, removes fear from any target and may be used to increase the reaction of a hostile target by one level.

Level 3 – Stoutheart’s Strength, grants immunity to fear for one target for one hour.

Level 5 – Healing Touch, all efforts at healing (using magic or anything else) receive a +2 bonus to damage healed. Proficiency checks gain a +2 bonus to success.

Level 7 – Path of the Wanderer, allows double-speed travel through any terrain for four hours. Useable once a week.

Wandering Monk of Heimir

Spheres Available; Major: Healing, Necromantic, Charm; Minor: Plant, Animal, Creation, Protection

Weapons Available: Quarterstaff, club

Granted Powers: (Wandering Monks receive the Brewing proficiency for free)

Level 1 – Brewmaster’s Blessing, transmutes any liquid to ale. This works as per the create water spell and can be used once per day.

Level 3 – Joyful Aid, when casting an Aid spell, the recipient also gains a +1 bonus to all saving throws and a +5 bonus to resist fear or charm effects.

Cleric of Fortune, Fortuna

Spheres Available; Major: Charm, Divination, Creation, Guardian; Minor: Protection

Weapons Available: dart, sling, quarterstaff

Granted Powers: Clerics of Fortuna receive the Gaming proficiency for free.

Level 1 – Clerics of Fortune receive one extra spell slot per day as long as they prepare a bless or curse spell.

Level 7 – At this level, a Cleric’s natural armor class drops by 2 and their saving throws gain +2 bonuses as the Goddess has enshrined them in invisible (and undetectable) protections.

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Cleric Kits

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