Clayland is a former frontier region of Thyrnesse and is also where the Order of the Sword Militant was originally formed and still maintains its main headquarters. It is dominated by Haeron’s Plateau, a raised rocky plain that rises from the tidal flats of Westreth and Lomere. The ground is composed mostly of hard clay.

This region is well-known for its fine pottery and the devoted nature of its Hierian clerics. Often thought of as the spiritual center for the worship of Haeron, it is also the home to a great many religiously devoted smiths and several major Hierian monastic houses.

The region has no direct overlord outside of the Order and its Grand Master, Content Not Found: Jaque_Sarjent.

The Clayland region was originally the sight of a small Trollish holdout kingdom that was disintegrating even as the First Men entered the scene at the end of the Second Age. They had entered the final phase of their civilization which all trollish lands seem to have done at some point; the tomb building phase, where the cities of the dead outnumbered the cities of the living. Gigantine advances in war had reduced their numbers to the center of the plateau.

The giants themselves for a hundred or so years built cities on the plateau until they too fell away into nothingness. This means the plateau is littered with the ruins of both civilizations.

Clayland has never been central to any of the Milean kingdoms. Most recently it was first a subregion of the Kingdom of Westreth and then the Kingdom of Thyrnesse. Now it is the heart of the Hieriean worship outside of Miles, making it a point of tension: the Lawkeeper represents the theological heart of the Temple of Miles but the Clayland region is its spiritual center, which does not sit well with the theologians and great priests of the hearthland.

While the imperial highway runs well throughout clayland, the south-western ascent is a broken ruin where the road has been shattered by time and ill care. The Order does not possess the skills to fix it and thus the switchbacks of the Lion’s Pass present a grim ascent.

Regions of Clayland

The County of Outwood

The Barony of Murralus

The Barony of Thyron

The Swordland

The Black Monastery

The County of Southwood

The West County

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