Town Population: 4,500 Ruler: The Baron Roger de Cassel

Casselflor region


Casselflor was written into the history books during the time of the Kingdom of Pax. Prior to the accession of Melea de Floris it was a backwater town; however, after she claimed the crown she changed the kingdom’s capitol, constructing a rudimentary palace on the Florian hill. Her son, Calor, began work on the keep that now stands there and his own son, Coldanrus III, finished it. After his death, the keep stood empty and began to decay. Today, it stands over the town, a looming monument to the kingdom-that-was.

Morning-glory adorns the gardens of the new keep, built after the ascension of the Galoen kings. The Barons de Cassel were created by Duke Auregard of Paix, the Duchess’ grandfather, to reward the service of Laras the Bold during the Great Orc Wars that swept through the lowlands in his day.

Casselflor itself is a largish town built around the feet of the baronial castle. The fortress has been constructed in the modern Varan style, complete with round towers, a baily, and multiple gates. It commands the entire valley of Valbois in power.

The town itself spreads out from the castle moat, laid out across the open fields for nearly a rod before the Vallaine Forest and its light speckling of trees girdles about the clearing and the farms. It plays host to a few temples and just outside the town there stands a strange circle of stone where the druids of the South Hamlets from time to time gather. Along the western road, a mysterious gigantine ruin stands in all its faded glory.

Round about the town lie the farms of the alderfolk and the baron, cutting away at the depths of the dark wood. Near on eight hundred homes cluster around the great marketplace. Two inns in the town serve the merchants and travelers who wend their way through Valbois every day.


The Castle Arms

Solidan’s Sanctuary

Julean Faber, blacksmith.

Temple of Haeron.

Temple of Akem.

Temple of Eliea.

Terres the Alchemist.

The Black Keg

The House of the Silver Tree.

Noranian Importers.

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