Lesser God Alignment: LG Portfolio: Law, metalworking Dogma: Hew to the bond of the law and you shall prosper Epithets: the Smith

In the elvish pantheon, Calëron is a lesser servant of Anunë the Wind Lord who deals in metalwork and smithcraft. He is considered a patron genius of the forge, but he has also been conflated with the human god Haeron as his portfolio is so similar. Calëron appears as a particularly well-muscled elvish smith generally depicted shirtless with long flowing black hair and a hammer in one hand.

Worship of Calëron is common among high class smiths and metalworkers, generally in the form of a small shrine in their workshop and home. His cult is almost nonexistant, relying mostly on lay worship. Those who do serve as priests within Calëron’s cult are known as the takimdre or forgewalkers. They are generally mendicants who travel from one elvish settlement to the next, often making use of the Silver Road.

Worship of Calëron can be done in public while attending the normal Evensong of Anunë as well; as Calëron is a client-god or servant of the Wind Lord, many of his faithful pray to him silently in Anunëic shrines during services to the Lord of Winds.

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