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The Duchy of Byrne is located in the northwestern region of the Third Empire. During the Third Age and again during the Eighth Age those territories were incorporated into a single kingdom – first the Milean and then the Avar kingdom of Westreth (and following that, New Avaria). However, during the tragedies of the Ninth Age, Thyrnesse went into decline and collapse, particularly after the death of Ry Hedrion when control of the kingdom vanished and coherency of it began to collapse.

Byrne is around 200 years old, having coalesced from the fragment principalities of Thrynesse in X332. Wavering between intense and open hostility (as at present) and fawning adoration towards Thyrnesse, the House of Alore claims some relation to the now-vanished House of Elsoín.

The country is protected by a powerful organization that serves the throne, the Hammer of Byrne. The current king of Byrne, Kamelin Alore, is an older man; he has governed long, ever since his own father was taken with madness when he was just a boy. The Byrnish people love their king and most would die for him, especially his lords.

Legally, the king of Byrne is actually the Commander of the Byrnish Borderland under the Thyrnessan Ard Ry and owes him vassalage as such. Recently, in the summer of X501, Tamerin III attempted to enforce this right by driving a massive force into Byrnish land. The Byrnish king denied him by enlisting knights from Meirenia who arrived in time to smash the Thyrnessan army in the flanks and route them.

As of the summer of X502, Byrne has submitted to the will of the newly declared Emperor. One of the daughters of Kamelin Alore has been wed to the Emperor and Byrne is now known as the Great Duchy (duxea magna).


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