The Bu∂lungsmi∂ forge-clan are the only highborn of the city of Bâlmyral, and the cities rulers classically emerge from that people. The current family in the position of leadership amongst the Bu∂lungsmi∂ (or Kingsforge) clan are the Afarar.

King Aldar Baldursson Afar Bu∂lungsmi∂, a 254 year old dwarf, is the lord of Bâlmyral. He has been known to support the more liberal Kingsforge families in their desires, though has always made decisions that trended towards militaristic buildup. None of his thane-council are from his family, though his cousin Hadrada Anorsson is one of the more potent aetrocar in the clan and the city.

The clan is divided into two major factions. These are the Surfacers and the Underlanders, political groups that seek conciliation with the surface world or complete obscurity from it. The Surfacers are led by the same Hadrada Afar while the tenacious Mendar the Deepslayer leads the Underlander faction.

Recently, Hadrada was presumed dead and his faction lost much ground with the king and the clan.

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