Intermediate God Alignment: TN Portfolio: Fire, forges, volcanoes Dogma: Work is ceaseless Epithets: the Forgemaster, the Fireheart, the Forge-lord, Brightbeard, the Forgefather

Brunr Brightbeard is one of Eiri’s chief servants, and is the master of forging and metalwork. It is he who kindles the flames in the deep heart of the earth, and he who blesses each and every smithy a dwarf works in. Indeed, dwarves will often refuse to work at anvils that have not received the blessings of the Forgefather. Brunr is numbered as one of Eiri’s three powerful subordinates (along with Grafar and Glíta) and as such he is often worshiped in tandem with the Earthfather.

Smiths in particular worship the Forgefather and often do him small homages when crafting. It is said that the master smiths of the Arinnfal have secret prayers that they whisper into the steel in order to make more potent weapons or armor. Whatever the truth of it, all dwarves know that every dwarven forge is sanctified and is almost a temple in and of itself. The Forgefather dwells in all flames and fires, but can seem uncaring–-after all, fire can destroy as well as create.

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