Brotherhood of Heimir

Brother of Heimir

The Brotherhood of Heimir is a male-only organization dedicated to the preservation of hospitality as it was displayed in the “old days,” which usually means the Third Age when speaking to Brothers of Heimir. These men are clerics, but not in the traditional sense. They gather in small groups and operate the linked set of inns that have spread all over the north that are known as the Sign of the Frothing Mug, marked by just such a sign outside each one of them. These buildings double as temples, with the catering to travelers and the weary being a form of prayer for these brothers.

Also known as the Ale Fraternity by those who don’t take them as seriously, the Brotherhood incorporates a secret technique to their beer-making that is known as the Hymn of Heimir, and is recorded in their holy texts. A Frothing Mug can be found in almost any major city and many minor ones.

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Brotherhood of Heimir

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