An infamous mercenary corporation with its headquarters located in Weyland, the Bluecloaks are upstanding folk that have from time to time come into conflict with the Order of the Sword Militant. Hired as something of a permanent standing army (or vast pool of adventurers) the Bluecloaks serve the needs of Weyland above all other contracts. However, it is possible for other groups or people to hire them. Their only caveats are that: they refuse to do “evil” (subjective term at best) and they will NOT work with the Order of the Sword Militant (too stuffy).

The Bluecloaks are led by Saeda Crack-jaw, a woman with an extremely dry sense of humor and a disfiguring mark along her lower jaw where she was wounded in a duel. She is known for her good relations with the King of Weyland (since before he was king), Edwen Vortigun.

History of the Bluecloak Company

X406, the historical Bluecloaks make an appearance on the scene in Weyland and support the early king Huward the Weyl in his establishment of a new, less restrictive, order in the land.

Historical Bluecloaks: Halr the Hammer (dwarf warrior), Edgefel Fuller (human warrior), Lyderea the Enchantress (human wizard), Alathnerá the Silent (elf thief)

X412, the historical Bluecloaks are awarded with the stewardship of Tarven’s Keep; this becomes known as the Blue Keep in the years that follow as Lyderea the Enchantress masters a botanical transformation which covers it in blue briar.

X415, the Bluecloaks begin to support mercenaries and men-at-arms at the Blue Keep. Their numbers swell and King Huward becomes wary of their power. To reduce their strength, he takes them on a journey into the Low Marsh to hunt trolls. Fifteen Bluecloaks perish.

X416, convinced that they have designs on his crown, Huward sends the Bluecloaks to do battle with the Clauren family. A small-scale summer war breaks out between the Claurens and the Weyls, which results in a decimation of the power of King Huward.

X417, the Earls of the Thørnwood gather in conference with the Bluecloaks to discuss the deposition of their new king and the election of Adward Vortigun to the throne. The Bluecloaks agree to back this rebellion.

X422, Adward Vortigun ascends to power after the exile of King Huward. The Bluecloaks sign a perennially renewing contract with the throne to serve the Weylic Crown as long as it remains “good and true.”


The Bluecloaks, since X422 (nearly one hundred years ago), have grown into a sizable mercenary company to rival such organizations as the Nightblades and the Flaming Standard. Their numbers are greater, of course, than the knightly brotherhoods of the Sword Militant and the Mendicants.

There are perhaps 8,000 active members of the Blues not counting their agents in foreign lands. The vast majority of these are stationed at the Blue Keep in northern Weyland, somewhat west of the southern borders of the Low Marsh.

The Blues are primarily organized into companies of men-at-arms under sarjents. These companies are composed of between 4-6 men (including a sarjent). For every five of these companies there is one Captain and this forms a grouping known as a troupe. Troupes are generally composed of around 25 men. Ten troupes are commanded by a Blue Knight, and this grouping is known as a brigade.

The Blues have between 25-35 brigades active at any given time. Wizards, clerics, medici and scouts are incorporated at company-level, joining their brethren in the so-called “adventuring companies.” The Blues also maintain “fighting companies,” purely comprised of men-at-arms.

The most important Bluecloak (who’s word generally goes, though this is by no means absolute) is the General of the Blues, currently Saeda Crackjaw. She is responsible to all the Knights and Captains (even to individual sarjents and companymen) for explaining her decisions. She does things such as take contracts and lead the Blues at war.

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