“The towers of Blackport do not house men, but plots and secrets.”

Personal Journal of Dashkoth ban-Maren, Yahid Ebed of Blackport

The city of Blackport stands on the southernmost shore of the Plain of Sorrows facing the Sea of Teeth and the Ishtrian Narrows. It stands on a high bluff that slopes down towards the water. So named for the color of the loam beneath the waters in that region, Blackport was a minor trading town founded sometime in X12. It began to grow through trade with the Goblin Kingdoms beyond the Straight.

Like many of the Free Cities, Blackport has a large number of immigrant goblins from the Kingdoms of the Moon. This has affected architecture, language, and culture. Many massive domed towers loom over the city, giving it a complicated skyline. The streets are narrow, shadowed, and winding.

Blackport is divided into major districts like any very large city. The largest of these are the Mayim (Sea), Ruahd (Spirit), Melekh (Noble), Ra’as (Ruling), Tsaba (army) Bayit (foreigner), and Shouq (market) Districts. The Melekh and Ra’as Districts are located up on the Black Hill which overlooks the water. The Shouq district is a long almost chasm-like region that winds through the city and the only place where market stalls can, legally, to be raised. The Tsaba district is just outside the northern city wall (which encloses the city in a semi-circle) and it is where the vast hosts of the Blackport mercenary companies camp. The Mayim district is located along the water and is where all merchant ships dock and where the Blackport Fleet (a huge force of galleys to rival even the fleet of Stonemark) sits at anchor. The Bayit district is where Moon Goblins are legally allowed to settle.

Temples to Fortuna are common throughout the city, as are temples to Vodei. There is even a massive temple to Tallial on the Black Hill.

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