Barony of Beauclerc

Barony Magnas: Lord Durant Beauclerc Magnasse: Lady Ysane Beauclerc (née Torné) Seat: Beauclerc Heraldry: Three sunbursts argent on a field verde

The Magnasen of Beauclerc was originally given by King Aras to the Avaunite Healer Franque as a reward for his services as the Royal Physician. Since that time, the Beauclercs have distinguished themselves in royal (and now imperial) service; Magnas Durant Beauclerc (b. 442) fought both in King Velas’ war against the Bandit Lords of the Wood and for the emperor Tamerin in the War of the Shield. (See more about the House of Beauclerc)

The barony encompasses the towns of:

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Barony of Beauclerc

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