“More simply and generally known by its Eylic translation, firegold is a precious metal that is found only in the Brandgelt range in Claulan. Theories as to why it is unobtainable elsewhere abound, but the fact remains that it is a rare ore indeed. In appearance it is very similar to standard gold though the dwarves claim that it is ruddier in hue, and they prefer the translation red-gold to firegold (which most dwarves will say they find ostentatious). Firegold is a highly magical substance, and the dwarves use a great deal of it in their metalwork. Bâlglamir-inscribed weaponry is the simplest form of utilizing it, and it is said that those weapons with bâlglamir runes upon them “remember the heat of the forge.”

“While this process is replicable by other, non-dwarvish, smiths, the more advanced uses of firegold are secrets known only to the dwarves. This includes adorning armor with it, and of crafting it into solid objects that are yet as hard as steel. Dwarven ring-lore states that the king of metals for ringcrafting is bâlglamir, and dwarves value this rare metal almost above all others.”

-The Kyklosir Antikor

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Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius