Intermediate God Alignment: CE Portfolio: Orcs, slaughter, pillage Dogma: Take what is yours, strike down who stands in your way! Epithets: the Lord of Bones, the Slaughterer, the Jealous

Ashad was one of the more powerful of the Mud Gods, and remains today strongest second only to Toynash. He is the sole god of the orcish race and they worship him fanatically. He desires only aggrandizement at the expense of other races and other gods, and many speculate that his powerful cults are one of the major contributing factors to the cruelty and brutality of the orcs.

Ashadian cults are very localized, generally featuring a wise-orc cleric who is in touch with the mad god of blood. They are constantly visited by visions of the shrieking god which keeps them all on the same general page as far as Ashad’s will. Most large orcish settlements have at least one Servant of Slaughter; this orc usually attends the chieftain as an adviser.

Ashad encourages banditry and raiding, though bandit and migrant settlements are less likely to have Servants. Orcs are generally permitted their worship when enslaved or otherwise employed by goblin kingdoms.

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