Arinnfal Mountains

Both a range of mountains and a contiguous dwarven kingdom, this place known as Mountainheart was once a minor spur of Harnholme. However, when Harnholme sank during the great cataclysm at the end of the Eighth Age, most dwarves fled east into the old outlands of Harnholme. This place became known as the Arinnfal, the Mountain-heart.

The Arinnfal is made up of a network of above and underground roads and large dwarf folk-halls or cities that adorn the slopes and peaks of the mountains like a necklace of glittering gems. The seasons in the Arinnfal are stark and distinct from one another; the summer is balmy and sometimes hot, the fall is filled with beautiful explosions of colored foliage, the winter is long and frigid with anywhere between forty and sixty feet of snowfall, and the spring is filled with heavy rains.

The great roads of the Arinnfal are tributaries of a large system that has two divisions: the High Road and the Deep Road. The High Road winds its way amongst the peaks and is more of a track or trail than a proper highway; the Deep Road lies flat and level through the underground, passing from great folk-hall to folk-hall. However, great stretches of the Deep Road are flooded or have been breached from below, where orcs (and worse) have battled their way up from the depths.

Politicall, the Arinnfal is a loose affiliation of independent settlements and regions that all theoretically owe homage to the Rìkonungr, the Dwarf King. The cities each have their own princes and rulers who are in command of the outlands surrounding their urban centers. Direct political oversight is not present here, and the regions are independently administered for the most part. Only times in great of strife do the regional leaders look to the King for leadership.

Of course, there are certain matters in which the King always rules; foreign policy, for one, is a thing in which the Rìkonung expects (but does not always receive) perfect obedience. The fortresses that protect Mountainheart are also under direct control of the King, as are any military forces not specifically raised for the defense or guardianship of a city or township.

Cities of the Arinnfal

Hilmirhol, the Princely City; Ernhol, the fortress city; Heimsgardh the city of gardens; The outpost of Steinnvel; The lakeside city of Djurhald

Regions of the Arinnfal

Hlutmont, Tviervith, Feindal, Gnaefborg, Estbjar, Skjaldborg, Heildal, Fotrbjar, Tólstein, Afroek, Aurvang, Utrvoll, Groendal, Grïndborg, Hjlaesteindal

Great Clans of the Arinnfal

The Bjarlings, The Hornmun, The Hlafdane, The Cornungs, The Harnmr (the Mountain Smiths)

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