Arcanology of the Ages

Contained herein is a dwelling on the subject of the arts arcane, their evolution, and particularly important figures within the field. Those who have taken the proficiency ARCANOLOGY may feel free to read on. Otherwise, this page is not for you. Go back! Go back to the abyss your master has prepared for you!

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The Prehistoric Mages

The great wizards of the Night and Dawn Ages were primarily inhuman creatures; many of them were members of the Uncreated Races, though some certainly where the children of Ulagus the Maker who’s pottery wheel produced such horrors as the beholder and others yet were from the Outside, such as the mind flayers who came tumbling to Atva-Arunë during the Night Age. Listed here for the convenience of the budding Arcanologist are the great figures of that period:

Zesh – the only human mage amongst the lot, Zesh was the very first wizard amongst the first men. He was a mighty sorcerer who created the ancient language of Maedic Zeshimite, the very first human tongue of power (lingua potentia). With his magical might he established an empire that lasted for centuries; indeed, the jungles of the south and his own kingdom were both given his name – Zesh. It was Zesh who developed the rudiments of mannish magic.

Eznaras – A mighty Wyrmish sorceress, Eznaras was an Amethyst Wyrm who lived during the time of the first draconic empire of Antaswa. She is credited by most modern scholars and many wizards as being the person who discovered and codified the properties of gemstones in relation to magic. Eznaras is also known as the creator of several potent Wyrmish magics, most particularly the Preservation Stones and the great Wyrmwards which were the heart of many Wyrmish defense-works.

Haraxaz – One of the Red Wyrms of Antaswa, Haraxaz developed spells of alteration and warping and as such was known as Haraxaz the Changer; the foundational research of the school of Alteration magic comes from Haraxaz’s researches and it is surmised that the ability of Wyrms to shapeshift either has its origins in or was explored by this dragon’s work.

Moros Aklaustros, the Unmourned -

Wizards of Early History

Corpsegrinder – A black Wyrm who originally lived during the Fourth Age. His name has been eradicated by his own efforts to prevent others from using it against him (like all the Generals Sorcerous).

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Arcanology of the Ages

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