Any Port in a Storm


Any Port is one of the largest, cleanest, and most well-run brothels on the Sailor’s Strand. Owned by the Dorlish businessgnome Alberto di Tyrolin, the Port is a four story building overlooking the Annorios river on River Hill. It is frequented by all manner of clients, from the wealthy nobles of Sword Hill to the dockscum of the Strand. The basement floors are home to various non-sanctioned gaming halls which any priest of Fortuna would blush to be caught at and the upper floors are progressively more posh.

While the first floor services sailors and low-wage folk, the second and third floors have large luxurious rooms for lesser nobles and the fourth floor is divided into four massive penthouses for the cream of Milean society (should they ever come down from the Upper City to wallow amongst the masses).

Prices are well known all throughout River Hill; a first floor roll in the hay runs five shields, a second or third floor between two and eight silver towers and the top floor three hundred golden pillars. Gaming is a different story: the games change on a nearly weekly basis, and two basement floors built into the granite hillside provide an amazing array of games both pleasant and less so.

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Any Port in a Storm

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