Village Population: ~500 Government: Baron Claude Andoré Defenses: Local levy, house knights

Andoré is one of the many small villages of the Lonely Lands, located in a small closely wooded vale. It is not of ancient stock and thus lacks the old Milean walls that many of the Lonely Lands towns boast. The village clusters around an old stone towerhouse built during the Peppinid period and reinforced with ancient gigantine stone foundations, mined from a ruin several miles away.

The towerhouse is the dwelling of Baron Claude Andoré, the ruler of the town and surrounding lands. The first floor storage rooms can double as a place of protection in times of crisis or as a dungeon when prisoners need to be held for trial and judgment. The tower itself is set apart from the rest of the town by a deep dry moat; a wooden drawbridge can descend from the central earthen island to allow access or deny it and high arrowslits grant a good vantage of the town in all directions.

Just outside Andoré, accessible by a small trail beginning at the towerhouse, is an Arodian shrine tended by three young acolytes and an ancient elf named Sullëren the Wind Tender. This small shrine is open to the air on all sides, being composed of a blue painted dome and several columns. The clerics there practice the evensong, which can often be heard floating down into town on the breeze.

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