Greater God Alignment: LN Portfolio: Guardians, watchfulness, the wood Dogma: All things must be kept safe. Epithets: the Warden, the Watcher, Lord of the Wood

Husband of Seniä and the lord of the forests, Aloran is worshiped primarily by the wood elves (though there are also several Refuser tribes that pray to him almost exclusively as well). Where he is prayed to in urban elvish lands, it is usually in his guise as a protector and guardian and thus he serves the role as patron of guardsmen and militia. However, in the wilds he is the protector of the trees and the woodland beasts.

Aloran is often depicted in a cloak of matted leaves with a hood of the same, though sometimes he is simply a “green man,” made from vegetation itself. He is associated with borders and woodlands, and is the uncaring enforcer of the wood-elvish lands. It is said that he taught the elves the secrets of speaking with the trees and stones.

His priests are known to live in hermitages and sometimes in wilderness monastic houses. His temples are always woven of plants that have grown together by his will, and never constructed from hewn materials.

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