Town Population: 1,500 Government: Town elders

Aldardam is a mile or so north of the Whitespring, a largish town on a small brackish tributary. The dam of its name holds back a large millpond from which trickles a flow of water to drive the Aldardam mill (owned and run by the monks of the Abbey). The town is situated on a slope that descends from the millpond. There is a conventum curialis or a meeting hall for the elders of the town located at the base of the hill.

Brother Althéus from the Abbey oversees the milling operations at the mill, and also runs a small stable and inn there, allowing travelers to sleep in the attic. He is trained in the compounding of herbs and poultices, and so also serves as a local healer.

The most interesting thing about Aldardam is the presence of the Circle of Conjurers that exists just outside of town, about a mile to the west. The Circle arrived 7 years ago in X.495 and constructed a manor in the swamp. While they have never been very close with the town, they fought on Aldardam’s behalf against the kobolds of Crescentwood in X.500 during the Winter of Fears when wolves raided the abbey lands.

Strangely, for the past few months the Conjurer’s Hall has kept to itself, not even accepting food from the town. Those few who dared to go and investigate report that the strange lights within have stopped and the place looks deserted.

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