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Akanian (also known as Kemr to the dwarves and Akem to men) is the specter of death. However, death is not the same to elves as it is to men or dwarves or other mortals. Anunye himself made the Island in the West where elvish spirits travel after death to enter Edellya, the land of the Gods, and to be with their maker. However, there are always those elves who do not serve their gods faithfully (or who follow the dark gods) and who must be denied access to the Stair and take the long road down to the palace of Shadow.

Akanian represents the grief of death, but also the release that finally dying gives to the timeless elves; thus, he is a bittersweet deity who dwells beyond the wall of night at the edge of the world, in a palace of shade and sorrows. It is his servants who watch over the Island in the West and make certain the proper elves ascend the Stair and the others are sent to the Palace to be placed in their proper homes.

The cult of Akanian is not large or powerful in elvish lands, but they do have the role of watching over the mortal remains of the elves who go west and of ministering to the bereaved.

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