Abbé Argenns

Abbey Population: 350 Governance: Abbot Luthir Burr

The Argenian Abbey serves as a retreat for educated noblemen and clerics who wish to live the life of Haerien monks. It is situated on the broad flats of the western marshes up against the border of Lomere. That far west, it is generally exempt from the troubles that plague the rest of the Lonely Lands. However, the Abbot has always served on the Curia Vigilia and has been a powerful voice for the destruction of the goblins, or at least the reduction of their capacity to make war.

The Abbey proper is situated on a high ridge that overlooks the swamp, its immediate lands being quite dry and suitable for orchards, which grow apples, peaches, and pears. The monastery also houses a small contingent of Hiemirian monks who use these fruits to brew a variety of ales and wines.

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Abbé Argenns

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