A History of the War of the Moon

Elvish Warrior

When the child of Valtias came into Sidabrìnä the darkness was unleashed upon the elvish lands. Meroën was a willful child, and dark. He had been exiled from Vesimä for his crimes, but it was in Sidabrínä that his evils would truly grow.

Written by a native of Sidabrínä, Valoën the Historian, the history of the War of the Moon takes a very negative tack to the Sidabrínän support of the princeling Meroën in his bid to reclaim his seat in Vesimä. This escalated to full-fledged war between the elf-nations during the Seventh Age. The inhabitants of Sidabrínä had good cause to be upset by the outcome of this war, as the Ashblade Assassins murdered their king, his family, and most of their leadership during the war.

Dates of the War of the Moon: VII669VII802, with periods of cooling and warming between.

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A History of the War of the Moon

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